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Hello all! A quick update over in the land of DeviantArt. Our next appearance will be CGS Super Show. Chandra Free and Andrew Gaska will have a table and will be signing and selling books and prints.

[CGS Super Show website]…

Our tentative schedule for our 2013 convention appearances is listed on the left hand side of our official website.
And, as always, stay tuned to the BLAM! Ventures website and Twitter for more up to date information on appearances, release dates, and progress.

[BLAM! Ventures website]
[BLAM! Ventures Twitter]


BLAM! Ventures
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BLAM! Ventures, LLC is a multimedia company specializing in the comic book/graphic novel industry and digital media. In addition to producing several creator owned projects, the company's Lost Tribes imprint looks to revive many classic science fiction and fantasy movies and television shows of the '60s, '70s and '80s with a fresh approach and a reverent hand, touching the audiences of today's generation, while reacquainting previous fans with old friends.

Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes [Buy it on Amazon!]…

Archaia's first illustrated novel! Set during the classic 1968 Planet of the Apes film, Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes tells the story of what happened between the scenes and centers on the astronaut John Landon, Gorilla police chief Marcus, and Chimpanzee scientist Dr. Milo. Features over 50 illustrations from various top talents in the industry, including full-color paintings by Jim Steranko, Joe Jusko, Dave Dorman, Barron Storey, Sanjulian, and Mark Texeira, starship designs by Andrew Probert, character portraits by Matt Busch.

SPACE: 1999 Aftershock and Awe [Buy it on Amazon!]…

This groundbreaking retro-reintroduction to the sci-fi hit series begins with AFTERSHOCK, which follows nine lives who are forever changed by the carnage left in the moon's wake. Told from the point of view of those left behind on a ravaged Earth, AFTERSHOCK explores the scientific, environmental, and social political repercussions of a world left with no moon.

The story continues in AWE, which adapts the pilot episode of SPACE: 1999 "Breakaway", as seen through the personal logs of Commander John Koenig and Professor Victor Bergman on Moonbase Alpha -- expanded to include both new and unfilmed material, and utilizing the remastered art of comics legend Gray Morrow as a basis for this revolutionary retelling.

Critical Millennium: The Dark Frontier [Buy it on Amazon!]…

Mankind's rise and fall in space begins here! Two thousand years from now, the Earth is nearly dead. A bold group of explorers led by philanthropist Thomm Coney pushes forward to take the first tentative steps out of Earth's solar system. Their quest: new worlds to colonize, so that humanity may yet have a chance at survival. Facing impossible odds, political agendas, and a fanatical terrorist regime bent on their destruction, Coney and his crew brave the dangers of a potentially volatile star drive in order to preserve a civilization intent not only on killing itself, but also on taking down every other living thing around it. Will mankind set aside its greed long enough to see a future amongst the stars? Collects Critical Millennium: The Dark Frontier #1-4 and contains new pages and a frontispiece and afterword by comic creator Chandra Free.

The God Machine [Buy it on Amazon!]…

Guy Salvatore can't get a break. After his girlfriend Sith died, he can't seem to go through a morning without monsters coming out of the bathroom mirror, or being pressed at school with his friends' concern over his well-being. All Guy wants is to be left alone. One night after a bad dream, Guy seeks solace in the graveyard by Sith's tombstone, and is confronted by an odd bunch of characters that will change his life forever with the promise that Sith might be alive! Meanwhile, a beautiful Goddess known as Good God has lost the key to heaven. She needs the help of her fellow compatriot, Evil God, to search for it down on Earth. But what starts off as a minor chore becomes more when Guy catches them in the graveyard, especially since Gods are supposed to be invisible to mortals...

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